April 10, 2017

Common Misconceptions About Trucking Companies
Common Misconceptions About Trucking Companies

There seems to be some negative stigma surrounding trucking companies and what they actually want from you. Were going to try and debunk some of these stigmas and figure out where they come from and how we are trying to change them.

Companies are always hiring that means there is no job security.

When researching trucking companies, visiting their websites, following their social media, it seems like most of these trucking companies are always hiring. So if they offer so much job security and all that other mumbo jumbo, why does it seem like they can’t keep their seats filled? The truth is who knows why? Each company functions different and while many companies rotate drivers often, others are constantly expanding; adding routes, customers, more trucks etc. The more trucks we have the more people we can have and the more people we have the more trucks we can get! It shouldn’t be much more difficult than that.

I’m never going to be home I’m going to live on the road.

Let’s face it, trucking has come a long way in recent years and by organization and planning companies are able to execute effective routes which enables the driver to spend time on the road as well as at home with his family. There are multiple ports to load and unload so what used to be 7 days on the road for multiple weeks is now 2-5. You choose!

I’m going to become fat and immobile from sitting down for so long.

Well yes you are if you want to. But if you don’t want to there are on the road recipes, meal preparations, and exercises you can do to keep your body in shape. We’ll be sharing some here so stick around!

All in all trucking isn’t for everyone, but can be very rewarding. People need stuff, trucks deliver stuff, trucks need people to drive them. If you’re interested in something that shouldn’t be more difficult than that, check out https://www.armadatrucking.com.

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