January 8, 2022

New Year, New Road Work?
New Year, New Road Work?

Road Work in the New Year: Improvement Do’s, Traffic Dont’s

It’s 2022, the new year is rolling along, ready or not, and although everyone may need a break from new changes, they aren’t stopping now. Covid19 plagued the last two years with hardships, so here’s to hoping for a less stressful and less germ-filled 2022. Hope for less stress may be all that remains because strains may continue as 2022 brings more road work. What does an increase in road work mean for traffic, and where is all this road work leading?

New Year Resolutions: Road Work Goals

On November 15, 2021, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was signed into law by the Biden Administration with goals for rebuilding roads and bridges to improve the nation’s highway systems. According to the Biden Administration, this will be the most significant investment in road rejuvenation since constructing the interstate highway system. This road and bridge improvement means easier traveling for truckers, even having dedicated lanes in certain areas, which is in the works already. Route 60 truck lanes are currently being built, providing dedicated truck lanes for truckers, easing traffic concerns, hopefully, to be completed by Summer 2022. Electric trucking is also on the rise, and the addition of e-highways will provide dedicated lanes for electric trucks that will be able to charge while on the road.

New Year, New Road Work May Cause Traffic

Although the Infrastructure Plan and the road improvements are supposed to make driving easier, they might make it more challenging initially. Rebuilding roads and bridges and creating new ones will lead to road closures and increased traffic until the projects are complete. The road work signs are not going away, and this new year will bring more of them, causing backed-up traffic, minimal lane access, and more. These traffic issues will be temporary, and the goal is to pave the way for a smoother running highway system. Until the projects are complete, how to combat road rage will be the trending topic on everyone’s search lists. A great way to quiet the curse words and insults aimed at traffic congestion is listening to music that sparks joy or looking at alternatives to music like audiobooks while driving.