March 20, 2022

5 Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain or in Poor Visibility
5 Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain or in Poor Visibility

Driving on a wet road can be very dangerous and can become treacherous during heavy rain. Here are some proper steps to take to remain safe when roads are wet and heavy rain is present.

1. Make sure your wipers, defroster and headlights are in good working condition, and there is enough windshield washer fluid in the reservoir.

2. Since stopping distances increase when it rains, you should increase following distance.

3. Slow down to get the traction you need to avoid skidding.

4. When visibility is poor for you, it’s poor for other drivers as well. Turn on your head lights. Signal in advance whenever you are going to stop or change lanes. Sudden stops or lane changes may lead to collisions.

5. Avoid driving through deep puddles or flowing water if possible. If unavoidable, you should:

• Slow down and place transmission in a low gear.
• Gently put on the brakes and increase engine RPM while crossing the water.
• When out of the water, maintain light pressure on the brakes for a short distance to heat them up and dry them out.
• Make a test stop when it is safe to do so. Check behind to make sure no one is following, then apply the brakes to be sure they work properly. If not, dry them out further as described above.


Do not apply too much brake pressure and accelerator at the same time, or you can overheat the brake drums and linings.

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