December 3, 2021

Why Do People Want a Career as a Truck Driver?
Why Do People Want a Career as a Truck Driver?

There are as many answers to that as there are truck drivers.

Some people do it because they want to experience that specific type of life style. On the other hand, some people do it because they hate the day to day rat race of a regular job. Some to escape the stress of their present job. Some do it because they think it’s easy. Some people do it because they think they’re going to make a lot of money (that’s true because many of those truck drivers can earn more money than their bosses these days). Some people choose to become a professional truck driver to escape their family. Some because they need to at least feel like they are in control. Some just want a change in career that doesn’t involve years of preparation. Some just want to see the U. S. traveling all the time and even get paid for it.

You see, there are so many reasons for a person to choose truck driving as a career. It’s because this very job gives a person more freedom, a chance to get to know America more and very solid financial security to protect both the truck driver and their respective family.

In Armada Trucking Group we give importance to work and our company doesn’t care what race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or political party you belong to. We don’t care if you are fat, skinny, tall, short or any number of differences that may get you rejected from other professions.

All we care about is if you are over 21, drug free, not a convicted felon, have a clear driving record and Class A CDL. We expect you to be a decent person who shows responsibility towards your co-workers and truck and freight you have been entrusted with.

We don’t ask much of you, but we offer much in return!

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** Armada Trucking is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Provider.
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