March 15, 2022

Truck Drivers Feeling Pressures of Rising Gas Prices
Truck Drivers Feeling Pressures of Rising Gas Prices

On the road again after what seemed like a year-long hiatus, drivers are now faced with record-high gas prices. Factors like pandemic setbacks, war, and other issues contribute to the rise and fall of gas prices affecting commuters and truckers.

Truck Drivers Question Causes of Rising Gas Prices

What’s causing these record-high gas prices? Truck drivers and commuters alike are questioning the causes of sudden gas spikes. Damage to supply and demand balances due to COVID19 was one of the most significant factors that kept Americans off the roads for most of 2021. Now that COVID19 numbers are decreasing, more people are taking to the roads again, returning to offices from work-at-home positions, and hitting the highways for long-awaited vacations. Oil companies took a hit last year as the pandemic surged, closing oil refineries and leading to job losses. Now, oil companies are racing to get back on track to meet the rapidly rising demand for gas as driving anywhere and everywhere becomes normal again. One of the biggest questions about what contributes to gas prices is whether the war in Ukraine has something to do with it. Russia is one of the biggest exporters of crude oil, with its primary customer being most of Europe with only a small percentage reaching the US. President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil imports last week, adding to the pressure of increasing oil intakes from other sectors, spiking prices. Until hydrogen power and electric cars and trucks become a norm, reliance on crude oil remains. Although the war does contribute to rising gas prices, pandemic recovery still takes the cake.

How Rising Gas Prices are Affecting Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers have proven invaluable, especially now as the world tries to bounce back from pandemic misfortunes. Current imbalances between supply and demand call for more truck drivers to come to the rescue. Although the calling for more drivers is being heard, uneasiness sets in for any driver who catches a glimpse at the current gas price with some cities at $6 a gallon. As a trucker, heavy loads are expected; however, the larger the load, the more gas it burns. Burning through expensive gas isn’t the only concern for truck drivers during these record-high gas spikes. Still, high gas prices also limit the availability of mechanics performing roadside assistance when a driver runs into a problem on the road. There are ways to make more money as a truck driver and combat the effects of gas price spikes.

Tips for Truck Drivers Battling Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices are expected to remain about to same if not rise slightly with the air of summer creeping around the corner. There are some techniques to master when preserving gas and reducing consumption. Maintaining maintenance on a vehicle like having proper tire inflation and keeping up with engine care can help reduce the amount of gas the vehicle burns. Remember, California usually has the highest gas prices and is always struck by surges. If a job travels across multiple states, filling up before reaching California or after leaving the Golden State will save tons. Long story short, avoid filling up in California or pump only as much as is needed to get out of state. Gasbuddy recommends filling up on Mondays or Tuesdays and avoiding weekends for the best gas prices. Electric semi-trucks are making headway in the industry. The introduction of ehighways to make electric driving easier can also eventually solve gas price spikes by eliminating or lowering the need for crude oil altogether.