May 21, 2017

The Future of Trucking
The Future of Trucking

With everyday improvements on all feilds, it is harder and harder to predict the future of trucking industry. Still, the profession of a truck driver looks like it is here to stay.

The trucking industry is no stranger to changes, as it looks ahead in an attempt to create a positive and bright path for anyone seeking a trucking career.

Technology and the Future of Trucking

Technological advances have been both a popular subject and a possible concern for those in the trucking industry. Self-driving electric trucks have been the talk of the town, and many are concerned about the effect on driver jobs.

The idea of electric trucks may be a good one, but self-driving trucks raise major safety concerns too. A machine-driven truck can’t have the same reflexes, maneuverability, and skill that makes a truck driver.

Not all deliveries go through major highways. Many require getting through tight spaces, negotiating with other drivers, and much more that a machine won’t be capable of doing.

If we turn to self-driven trucks, the idea could be seen as a potential benefit if they work alongside the drivers. Eliminating drivers doesn’t seem like a reality for the near future of trucking industry.

Truck Drivers and the Future of Trucking Industry?

Many trucking companies are reporting shortages of truck drivers and cannot fill the spots fast enough.

The issue is not people not wanting to apply for trucking jobs – it is that many positions require significant experience. It can be pretty intimidating for new drivers looking for work after obtaining the CDL license.

Individuals who have former experience feel the compensation isn’t good enough for such a long time of doing the job already. But what does this mean for the future of trucking?

Prosperous Future of Trucking

Companies such as Armada Trucking Group are listening. The future is looking positive for driver jobs as pay, compensation, and benefits rise. Training programs, student programs, and more are also becoming available to those just starting their careers.

In the end, the future is looking positive for the trucking industry. Worries of technology taking over jobs will always arise for any job. Still, the importance of a responsible truck driver behind the wheels of delivery trucks will only continue to increase and will never change.

The influence of younger generations to pursue a trucking career is also becoming more important. It will play a big role in the future of this industry. Let us show our younger generations how rewarding it can be and the positivity and improvements that will continue.