June 9, 2022

Our May 2022 Employee of the Month
Our May 2022 Employee of the Month
Reginald Swain

Meet Reginald Swain – Amazon lane team driver – Our May 2022 Employee of the Month!

Reginald is an extraordinary driver, dedicated and highly respected among his fellow drivers. Upon receiving a $ 500 check, he said:

“I like working for Armada. Armada hired me in December. I’ve been working ever since, every week I go out. I like it loads. I like where they send me, and it’s a fun job. I love working for them and I want to continue to work for them and continue to drive for them. They’ve been good to me. Thank you, Armada!”

Thank you, Reginald, for your hard work and dedication to working with Armada Trucking Group!