January 8, 2019

A New Year’s Resolution of a Truck Driver
A New Year’s Resolution of a Truck Driver

For a truck driver, New Year’s resolution is something to be taken practically. Giving promises we can keep can motivate us to improve our general wellbeing.

Going into the new year with a promise of improving something in our lives has been around since ancient times. As New Year Resolutions become more complex, people find it harder to stick to the promises.

Being constantly on the road makes it even harder for truckers to set a New Year’s resolution. A trucker aiming to follow the tradition should create a simple set of guidelines that will make his job easier.

Here is our proposition of a New Year’s resolution for a truck driver.

A truck driver has to stay in shape

The number one New Year’s resolution since probably ever is about health. Whether it is about losing weight or just introducing healthier food and exercise into your daily routine, people always want to feel better.

As a truck driver, it is not always easy to stick to a diet or an exercise plan with a good chunk of time spent behind the wheel. That does not mean that a trucker can not stay healthy.

Snacking may be the biggest problem for an average trucker. People are naturally drawn to snacks when bored or anxious. Not to say that snacking itself is an issue, but it is about what people are snacking.

A fit driver should ditch the chips and cookies and find healthier snacks that are appealing.

Having a mini-fridge or investing in some Tupperware containers can be very practical. All that a trucker has to do is make a trip to a grocery store and load up on snack veggies, fruits, nuts, and other healthy foods.

Another difficulty for a truck driver on the road is exercise. When you can not find a gym or some exercise equipment during one of your stops, check out some stretches or yoga moves to do while sitting or when space is limited.

Your bones and muscles will thank you later, and it will relieve stress on your body caused by excessive sitting.

New Year’s Resolution on Keeping Tidy

A truck driver has no other office but his cabin. That is why including cleanliness into a New Year’s resolution could come in handy. Keeping an office clean is not only good for business but sanity as well. It is important not to let trash accumulate in the cabin.

A truck driver should also be ready for not having regular access to trash bins, so buying a small trash bin for the cabin could be a good idea.

Even though it might not be apparent, having leftover food, wrappers, bottles, and similar junk lying around can introduce stress into any environment. Eliminating trash can eliminate stress. That is why a trucker needs to have a system that will help him keep the truck in check.

Good Sleep is Crucial for a Truck Driver

Almost every truck driver knows that maintaining a good sleeping routine is one of the most challenging tasks. Having additional motivation by including it in a New Year’s resolution can cause improvement.

A trucker that is having trouble sleeping, should try and work out a schedule that will help enable him to get more hours of sleep.

Working with dispatchers to help make a sleep-efficient schedule to help a truck driver stay as rested as possible during the route.

A New Year’s resolution can be a difficult promise to keep for an entire year. Still, there are plenty of reasons why a truck driver should try and set one that could help him improve his life on the road.