May 20, 2022

How to Sleep Tight at a Truck Stop
How to Sleep Tight at a Truck Stop

Taking into account current parking shortage, it makes it difficult for truck drivers to find a safe place to park and sleep. Often faced with the choice between Hours of Service (HOS) violations or traffic fines, truck drivers find themselves in challenging situations.

With the lack of security personnel and quick access to highways, this makes truck stops appealing to criminals who prey on unsuspecting truck drivers.

Truck Rest Area Tips for Safe Sleeping

Park Near Other Drivers
When stopping, try to avoid rest areas that seems to be either deserted or isolated. There is always safety in numbers. Whenever possible, park near other trucks. If a thief is aware that help is close by, they may be less likely to target you or your truck.

Carry Protective Devices
Some truck drivers opt to carry pepper spray (that can be an important prevention), a club, knife, or gun. Regardless of the defensive mechanism you choose, make sure you know how to use it and if you carry a firearm, ensure you have the proper permits for it.

Choose Pull-Through Parking
If you do run into trouble, you need to be able to leave quickly. Pull-through parking helps reduce the time you need to pull out of the rest area.

Can You Sleep at Rest Stops?
When a hotel is not an option, truck stops are usually the best choice for an overnight stay. In high-traffic areas, the limited number of truck parking spaces often fill by 6 p.m. or earlier.

Avoiding Scams
Beware of anyone who tries to lure you away from your truck. In addition to that, always lock your truck immediately after leaving it. Keep your trailer locked as well to protect your load.


– Carry a charged cell phone with you any time you leave your rig, even if you are only performing a routine check.
– Avoid accessing ATMs when someone is loitering nearby.


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