July 2, 2019

How to Choose the Right Trucking Company
How to Choose the Right Trucking Company

For every successful trucking career, it is crucial to choose the right trucking company.

You finally did it. You decided to start your career as a truck driver. The thought of hitting the road, exploring new places, and making deliveries on the way is sounding more appealing every day.

Now the big question remains: Which trucking company are you going to choose to work for?

Finding the right company can be overwhelming with so many options out there, so it’s important to figure out what exactly you want from a trucking company to make it easier to narrow down your choices.

We’re listing some points that are very important to consider when it comes to choosing the right trucking company and how Armada Trucking Group plays out in all these categories.

Trucking Company and Compensation

Making sure a company is properly compensating you for the work you do for them should be at the top of your checklist when you’re trying to choose where to work.

Pay is usually the first thing we think about when looking into any type of job let alone a trucking job.

It’s important to think about not only how much a company pays you but in which ways it pays you. Armada Trucking Group works with a 3 part pay structure that factors in hourly pay, performance pay, and bonuses.

Bonuses can be anything from terminal fueling, lead driver, layover bonuses, driver referrals, and more. This way, your pay comes from more than just the number of miles you add to the odometer.

A secure pay structure not only means fair pay, but also financial security for you and your loved ones.

Benefits in a Trucking Company

After looking at compensation, the next most important point to consider when checking out a trucking company to work for is benefits. Are you looking for just basic medical coverage or are you looking for the whole shebang?

The more the better when it comes to benefits because the health and wellbeing of drivers and their families should be a top priority for companies.

For example, at Armada Trucking Group we offer health, dental, vision, and life insurance for drivers.

We also offer a 401k retirement plan to help you prepare for your future as well as an employee perks program that offers discounts from anything like fitness center memberships to amusement parks, and even car rentals. We’ve got you covered when you’re behind our wheel.

Trucking Company Offering Flexibility

One of the main aspects of long-haul trucking is home time. The amount of time spent on the road can be overwhelming for some while at the same time therapeutic for others.

Figure out where you stand when it comes to home time and whether having a flexible schedule is important to you or if you’re ready to put as many miles as you can behind you.

Maybe you want to live on the road now, but later plan to slow down and spend some more time at home. Working for a company that provides flexibility in your schedule means you’ll always have options for work no matter what your situation might be.

At Armada Trucking Group we try to provide as much flexibility for our drivers so they’re able to live whichever life they chose while still being able to work.

Even though we are a long-haul company, trips are no longer than 5 days at a time giving you 2 days home time every week. On top of that, we also offer part-time and weekend positions if you’re not looking for something full-time right now.

In the end, there are many things to consider when looking into how to choose the right trucking company to work for, but compensation, benefits, and flexibility are the top 3 on the list.

Figure out what’s important to you in a company and make sure the company you’re looking at fits that.

Don’t forget to check out Armada Trucking Group and see if we check every box on your list. You can even apply directly under our opportunities tab and come join the team today!