August 9, 2016

Different Types of Trucking
Different Types of Trucking

When most people think of trucking careers in Los Angeles, CA, trucks hauling non-perishable goods over great distance via the interstate probably comes to mind. And yes, that’s a critical part of the truck driving industry and in keeping America moving, but drivers get behind the wheel of a lot of different types of trucks. Here are some of them:

Dry Van Drivers

This is actually the semi-truck most people imagine when they hear the term, “truck driver.” These drivers haul non-perishable, dry goods. Many novice drivers get their start in the industry transporting non-perishable items.

Flatbed Truck Drivers

Moving goods on a flatbed truck typically requires more training, which typically means better pay for flatbed drivers. Flatbed drivers must learn to tie goods down securely and safely, and they must have a good understanding of the items they’re transporting. Often, flatbed drivers move new cars, military vehicles, or oversized freight.

Tanker Drivers

Tanker drivers are in high demand, but it’s a difficult job. Tanker drivers transport liquids, and, many times, those liquids are hazardous. These drivers must be able to act quickly and calmly in an emergency.

Refrigerated Truck Drivers

These drivers, also called “reefers,” are responsible for transporting goods that must be kept at a certain temperature. Many times, these drivers are tasked with moving perishable food items, but these trucks can also be used to transport medicine and other temperature-sensitive items. Reefers must be prepared to act quickly if the temperature of their haul falls outside an acceptable range.

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