October 19, 2016

Best Trucking Routes in North America
Best Trucking Routes in North America

Choosing to become a Class A driver for Armada Trucking Group means getting to see hidden slices of America and explore the best trucking routes in the country.

There is much to see across the fruited plains of the U.S., and with opportunities at Armada Trucking, truck drivers get to experience amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty from behind the wheel.

While many truck drivers favor picturesque roads, many of the best trucking routes allow fast travel rather than beautiful scenery. Here are some routes that truck drivers love to drive.

Best Trucking Routes in North America: Jefferson Highway

Jefferson Highway travels north and south from Winnipeg, Canada, to New Orleans. Best known for high contrast, nicknames of the 2,300-mile road include “Avenue from the Breadbasket of the World to the Land of Cotton, Palms, and Romance” and “Pine to Palm Highway” due to the types of trees along its passageways.

Best Trucking Routes in North America: Lincoln Highway

The first transcontinental highway in the U.S., the roadway runs from San Francisco to Times Square in New York City. The 3,000-mile road was built in 1913.

Best Trucking Routes in North America: Pikes Peak to Ocean Highway

This scenic route also crosses the U.S. It’s a little further south than Lincoln Highway, though it also starts in San Francisco and ends in New York City. It ties the industrial centers of the U.S. to the mountains and beyond, passing through agricultural and mining districts along the way.

Best Trucking Routes in North America: U.S. 83

This north-south route is perfect for solitude, as it doesn’t pass through any major metropolitan areas. Also known as the Road to Nowhere, the four-lane interstate traverses 1,885 miles of flyover country, including rolling grasslands and wide-open country between Canada and Mexico.

The southernmost part of the U.S. is Brownsville, Texas, where it connects with Mexican Federal Highway. It passes through the Oklahoma Panhandle, a western portion of Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

At its northernmost U.S. portion, the U.S. road ends north of Westhope, North Dakota. It continues into Canada as Manitoba Highway 83.

Truck drivers have the opportunity to see many of the best trucking routes in North America, so why not join Armada Trucking Group and check them out!