September 8, 2022

3 Most Scenic Drives in America for Truckers
3 Most Scenic Drives in America for Truckers

You need to be a bit of lucky one and have enough miles traveled out and about in your truck and all of a sudden you are presented with the opportunity to drive through some of the most beautiful and dazzling parts of the United States.

There are so many truck drivers who are willing to tell you that they are immensely privileged to viscerally absorb all the unique landscapes they see while doing their daily routine.

1. Seward Highway
This relatively short highway in Alaska stretches from the southern port city of Seward to Anchorage, the state’s largest city. Truck drivers start with coastal views of Resurrection Bay and then Kenai Lake. The best views of the water are where the route goes along the Turnagain Arm of the Gulf of Alaska.

A constant view of snowcapped mountains, beaches, and local wildlife ensures that the two-and-a-half-hour drive is never boring.

2. California Coastline
The Pacific Coast Highway in California, also known as Highway 1 or PCH, is probably one of the most well-known scenic drives across the USA. This is the America you often see in Hollywood movies and TV shows, and for good reason.

The coastal scenery is incredible, and the mostly elevated roads can provide truck drivers with a perfect view. This fabled stretch of road includes the Big Sur section and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

3. San Juan Skyway
San Juan Skyway is a scenic byway in Colorado. This loop goes across the San Juan National Forest and has provided truck drivers with stunning views of mountains and a landscape that exemplifies America’s natural beauty.

Fall is an ideal time for the multi-colored foliage, but the clear blue skies and green fir trees are perfect year-round. A few mountain towns are dotted throughout the route including Silverton and Telluride. The winding roads can offer a rewarding challenge even for experienced drivers.

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