Our August Employees of the Month


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Our August Employees of the Month September 14, 2022.

Meet Ray Lee (left) and Jared Freese, Our August 2022 Employees of the Month! For August, we celebrate a team – Ray Lee and Jared Freese who has been running non-stop for the past 24 months. They get the job done every week without fail, are safety compliant, and are always coming to work with […]

Our June 2022 Employee of the Month July 21, 2022.

Meet Remberto Juarez Cabrera, Our June 2022 Employee of the Month! Remberto has been running a dedicated route for almost 5 years now and has shown how professional driver he is. This particular run is very tight and requires a thorough understanding of HOS and time management. He gets his monthly safety videos done on […]

Our May 2022 Employee of the Month June 9, 2022.

Meet Reginald Swain – Amazon lane team driver – Our May 2022 Employee of the Month! Reginald is an extraordinary driver, dedicated and highly respected among his fellow drivers. Upon receiving a $ 500 check, he said: “I like working for Armada. Armada hired me in December. I’ve been working ever since, every week I […]

Our April Employees of the Month May 13, 2022.

Meet Salvador Mendez (left) and Spencer Fonte, Our April 2022 Employees of the Month! We want to congratulate Salvador and Spencer for their outstanding work and being the first ones named Employees of the Month as team drivers. Salvador has worked with us for over 7 years now, while Spencer has been with us for […]

Our March Employee of the Month April 3, 2022.

Congratulations to Christian Knight, our March employee of the month. He has been with us just over two years and he brings a positive attitude to work without fail. Christian’s work ethic is strong, and he gets the job done week in and week out. His attention to detail only enhances his performance. Thank you […]

Our February Employee of the Month March 3, 2022.

Meet Lubomir Dostal, Our February 2022 Employee of the Month! Lubomir Dostal is a self-motivated, hardworking truck driver. He is on a demanding dedicated route and works very independently and always on time. He has been working for Armada Trucking for over 8 years. We are very happy to have him in our team.   […]

Our January Employee of the Month February 3, 2022.

Meet David Goodsell, Our January 2022 Employee of the Month! David is one of the most dedicated truck drivers we have ever seen. The way he treats his job and his co-workers is admirable. We are truly proud and happy to have David on our team. Thank you, David!

Our December Employee of the Month January 14, 2022.

Meet Victor Ramirez, Our December 2021 Employee of the Month! Victor is a strong driver who gets the job done and we are lucky to have him in our fleet. Congratulations from all of us at Armada!

Our November Employee of the Month December 9, 2021.

Meet Linda Stone, Our November 2021 Employee of the Month! Linda is one of the best truck drivers working with Armada. We have recognized how hard she has been working on her daily job, and we highly appreciate the input Linda makes. We are proud to have Linda on our team and her hard work […]

Our October Employee of the Month November 5, 2021.

Meet Juan Carlos Ramirez, Our October 2021 Employee of the Month! Any trucking company would be more than proud to have a truck driver like Juan. Juan is a hard-working gentleman who is truly dedicated to his daily job. His professional attitude towards others and towards his duties serves as a stark reminder that integrity […]

Our September Employee of the Month October 15, 2021.

Meet Slavoljub Kandić, Our September 2021 Employee of the Month! Slavoljub is a diligent worker and he is dedicated to his job. He has done a wonderful job in his placement, showing utmost responsibility both towards the company and for the freight he transports almost every day. In the times when all trucking companies are […]

Our August Employee of the Month September 10, 2021.

Employee of the Month (August 2021) Marco Delgado always a pleasure to work with. He is always on time and ready to work. He follows all policies and has that getting-things-done attitude.

Makaya Dejohnette
OUR EMPLOYEES August 24, 2021.

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