April 15, 2017

Trucking: An Overlooked Profession
Trucking: An Overlooked Profession

Trucking jobs are often times looked down upon, criticized, or simply pushed under a rug. But why is there negativity attached to the profession?

Often times respectful jobs or careers are categorized based on how much training or schooling you need in order to be in that profession. It’s true that driving a truck doesn’t really require a 4 year college degree, but that doesn’t mean the profession doesn’t deserve as much respect as a doctor or lawyer. Many of the difficulties truckers face aren’t something they can necessarily be trained for.

Often times trucking is seen as a boring job that anyone could do. Some only see trucking for what they see on the freeway, a bunch of trucks clogging up traffic. But next time you flip off that truck driver that you think cut in front of you, think about what they see and what they have to go through in the same traffic jam you are stuck in. There can’t be a truck driver who enjoys being stuck in traffic in between tiny cars who seem to not care about being crushed by this whatever ton giant. If there was a way for them to deliver their stuff without having to be stuck in the morning or afternoon traffic jams, they probably would take that route. But most of the time they have to take the same freeways you do and the frustration is often mutual.

There’s a video on Facebook of a truck driver in Nicaragua crossing a river to make his delivery. Some may see this and believe it was reckless of him to do this, but what if he was delivering hospital supplies and this was the only road he could use that was flooded by a rainstorm? The fact is trucking is a dangerous profession and it takes a very brave individual to conquer it. Some countries don’t have the luxury of freeways and special trucking roads. Deliveries sometimes must be made and truck drivers risk their own lives to make their deliveries. Whether it’s driving on the edge of a mountain in a snow storm, driving through a flowing river, or simply riding on what seems like a never ending freeway road, if you’re a trucker you’re a hero.

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