July 15, 2021

Is 10 Hour Break Enough
Is 10 Hour Break Enough

Truck drivers and FMCSA share opposing views on this topic. Many drivers hold that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s decision regarding mandatory 10-hour service break is bad and they state reasons for their own reasoning in this matter.

Namely, truckers argue that the mandated 10-hour break doesn’t mean 10 hours of sleep:

  • Drivers will log their break when they are loading or unloading a shipment and sometimes this can take as long as several hours.
  • For truckers to grab a meal might take an hour or so.
  • Then there is time taken to bathe and maintain personal hygiene.
  • When it is all said and done, that mandatory 10 hours can easily translate into only six hours (or even less) of actual sleep.

What is your experience? Please, do share your experience. Is 10-hour break enough?