May 1, 2017

How to Stay Cool on the Road
How to Stay Cool on the Road

May has officially arrived and with it come higher temperatures and the sound of summer knocking on our door. As the heat rolls in we are fighting to find ways to keep cool. If you can be at home and sit in a pool all day or relax in your central air conditioning, then you’re all set, but if you spend most of your time on the road as a truck driver or something of the sorts, keeping cool doesn’t come so easy. We’re sharing some tips and tricks on how to stay cool on the road or if you’re stuck having to find a way to sleep while its still 90 degrees.

A first thought when trying to stay cool would be to crank the air conditioner on high, kick back, and forget all worries. Keeping your AC on usually means having to keep your vehicle idle for a long time which isn’t always good. Not only is it not the best on your truck and its battery, but its not so great for the environment. If the heat just becomes too much to handle and you have to crank the AC, use it sparingly and don’t forget to turn it off when you’ve cooled down.

If you love the planet and your vehicle, there are ways to try to cool down without cranking the air conditioner. The key to cooling down your truck is to keep cool air in and keep hot air out. If you’re pulling in somewhere to take a snoozer in your truck, the heat will start to kick in once you stop moving. If you cant find a shady spot, the first step would be to block out as much sunlight as possible with sun shades. Blankets may work too, but they will absorb the heat so make sure to put them somewhere to cool down after. When you’ve blocked out as much sun as you can, and you’ve somewhat contained the heat from coming in, the next step would be to cool down the truck with fresh cold air (that will now stay trapped because of the sun shades). If you’re short on time and resources you can turn on the air conditioner for a little while just to cool the air. When you turn it off the cold air will remain shaded from the outside heat. If you still refuse to use the air conditioner, you can try the old ice and fan method. Get yourself a little battery operated fan and set it behind a bowl of ice or a frozen ice pack. A fan on its own will just circulate the already hot air trapped inside, but putting something cold in front of it will actually cause it to blow cold air around! And there you have it, your own air conditioner without having to use the actual air conditioner. Find alternative ways to cool down and help save the earth…and probably your truck too.