February 26, 2017

Best Truck Driving Jobs That Pay the Most
Best Truck Driving Jobs That Pay the Most

Driving big rigs is not for everyone. A vehicle that can pull 2 or 3 trailers requires skill and knowledge that most people just don’t have. It also requires a lot of patience, as semi-truck drivers have to deal with all of the non-professionals on the road. Oftentimes, smaller vehicles don’t even realize the danger they put themselves in when they cut in front of a truck. Fortunately, experienced truck drivers know how to deal with the everyday issues of driving. If you are looking for a job driving a semi, you can find some high-paying jobs depending on what and where you want to pull your load. At Armada Trucking in Los Angeles, CA, we know that truck driving can be a rewarding experience because of the challenges involved.

Ice Truckers!

You’ve probably seen the show. Ice truckers drive in the far north over icy roads and in all kinds of terrible weather conditions. They have to know how to fix their vehicles, how to handle the conditions and what they can and cannot drive over. They also have to know how to survive in the extreme cold. Ice truckers are the Top Guns of the industry. You’re going to need experience, luck, and extreme skills to get this job.

Hazard and Oversized Trucking

Some of the best-paying trucking companies have their drivers hauling hazardous or oversized materials. Getting into an accident in one of these rigs creates special problems for everyone involved. Only great truck drivers who understand what they are hauling and how to deal with it are eligible for these positions.

Over the Road

OTR drivers are the ones who have to cross state lines to get their loads delivered. They have to know the rules of the roads they travel, and those rules vary from state to state. They also need to keep up on changes in commerce laws as pertaining to long hauls, and they are required to follow safety regulations. All of this means that they are specialized in what they do.

Some of the best truck driving jobs in Los Angeles, CA, will require you to be a member of a truck driving union. Other jobs won’t pay as much, but they may have benefits that are better than those for OTR drivers. Depending on your situation, you may find that short hauls are better for you because they give you more time with your family. While a large paycheck is always nice, it is important not to overlook the benefits of jobs that may not pay as much.

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